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Ae – aecidiospores – history of gardening

Definitions beginning with ‘Ae’ – from the Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary of Gardening 1951:

aecidiospores – “The spores formed by Rust fungi during their aecidial stage. They usually germinate quickly after they are liberated and are frequently able to infect a plant quite distant from that on which they were produced.”

aecidium – “A globular, cup-shaped, or tubular structure formed by Rust fungi in which the chains of aecidiospores are produced. It ruptures the epidermis of the host-plant when mature, usually in spring or early summer, opening to release the ripe aecidiospores. Aecidium was once used as the generic name for a genus of fungi, but the organisms included in it are now known to be but one stage in the lives of the Rust fungi, and this generic name is no longer needed or recognised.”

aegeusaumae’geus -a -um – “of the neighbourhood of the Aegean Sea.”

aegyptiacusaumaegypti’acus -a -um – “Egyptian.”

aeneusaumae’neus -a -um – “bronzy.”

aequalisise (aequi- in compound words) – aequa’lis -is -e – “equal.”

aequi – “in compound words, equal, as in aequitriloba, having three equal lobes.”

aequinoctialisiseaequinoctia’lis -is -e – “belonging to the equinox.”

aerating roots – “Roots which, instead of ramifying through the soil, rise erect out of it, as is seen in the Mangrove and other plants on the muddy shores of tropical rivers and in Taxodium distichum when growing in wet places. These roots are covered in aerenchyma.”

aeration – “Exposure of soil, not only on the surface, to free action of air; an essential to the growth of most plants.”

aerenchyma – “Loose corky tissue former from the phellogen with large intercellular spaces through which oxygen passes for respiration to possibly submerged parts.”

aerial – “growing in the air: aerial roots are those that appear above ground level.”

aestivalisaumaestiva’lis -a -um – “of the summer time.”

aestivation – “Manner calyx and corolla are folded in the flower bud.”

aestivusaumaesti’vus -a -um – “developing in summer.”

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