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Garden Survey or Site Appraisal

RHS Level 2 – R2111

Students sometimes find it difficult to distinguish between these two terms. This is primarily because they have a general meaning as well as the specific meaning given to them by the RHS examiners. They are often used quite loosely and even interchangeable by different authors.

Garden Survey

What you need to know for R2111: ” Know how to carry out and record a garden survey.

The survey should identify any significant features to be retained such as garden buildings, hard landscaping features, trees and plants with design or sentimental importance and other features that need removal.”

Definition of Garden Survey by Examiners: “Garden survey is the detailed surveying/measuring and recording of a garden together with features and services to include: positions and condition of buildings and trees, site topography, positions of all features such as ponds, watercourses, hard landscaping, overhead and underground services, boundary constraints, access and potential hazards and risks relating to any of the features or services.”

Site Appraisal

What you need to know for R2111: “State what needs to be recorded when carrying out a site appraisal, including soil type, contour, aspect, microclimate, exposure and drainage.

The collection of physical information about the site; soil depth and texture, pH and drainage, the contour (extent of slopes), aspect and exposure and microclimate (frost pockets, heavy shade, rain shadows, sun traps, wind tunnels); visual clues to areas with microclimates; visual assessment of external features (fine views, eyesores, the style of the house).”

Definition of Site Survey by Examiners: “Site Appraisal is the recording of the general nature and condition of a site within its environment to include: soil type, contour, aspect, exposure, microclimates and drainage.”

Source: RHS Level 2 Garden Planning syllabus and past exam papers.

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